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Company Profile

Runmiao is one of the largest manufacturers of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps,House Heating Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Water Heaters in China.

With many national patents covering heat pumps and heat pump technologies, Runmiao has built up a complete heat pump industrial chain. Additionally, Runmiao has developed hardware and software for intelligent device control, allowing customers to customize their Runmiao devices according to their personalized requirements. Runmiao provides high-end users integrated energy-saving solutions and products including Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers, Swimming Pool Heat Pumps, Room Heating&cooling Heat Pumps, hot water heat pump solutions and residential heat pump water heater home and abroad.

Located in Huadou district of Guangzhou, Guangzhou Runmiao Swimming Pool Co., Ltd. covers 3500 square meters and has more than 100 workers and 5 production lines.

Our company established scientific management system, rigorous and standardized development, with good product quality, sincere service has won a good reputation in the industry, the product widely obtain the customer of the recognition and praise. To create brilliance with customers and achieve win-win is our biggest goal.

As an international enterprise, Runmiao attaches great importance to high-end overseas markets, exporting more than 50 percent of its products to Europe, North America , Middle East, Australia, and other developed regions.


Service Process

1. Business Negotiation
2. Understanding Customers Needs
3. Finding the solution for customers
4. Customers program communication
5. Confirming the plan and price

6. Signing the contract
7. Arranging the production
8. Finishing production
9. Arranging delivery
10. Following-up after-sales service

Shipping Policy

Actual shipping charges will be added to the grand total of your order. Please know we ship
using DHL, we have a huge discounted rate with DHL due to our shipping volume.

Wrong addresses or delivery to another address may be subject to a $13.50 address change

All orders are usually shipped same day or next business day after payment is received.
However during peak season orders are shipped within 1-3 business days of being received
excluding Holiday or days closed.

30 Days Return Policy

Our customers are very important to us. If you are not satisfied for any reason with your
merchandise, you may return it to us within 30 days from the day your order is received
(see details below). We will give you the choice of exchanging your returned items for
other merchandise, crediting your account towards future purchases, or refunding your
credit card.

The only cost to you would be the shipping fees plus a 15% restocking fee. Below are the
conditions for a refund.

To Return

If you wish to return your order, please send us an email. Please ensure that you have read
the following before emailing us:

• Merchandise must be returned in the original packaging.

• All original packaging, poly bags, display boxes and hang tags must be included.

• The customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

• We are not responsible for the package until it arrives in our warehouse. For this
reason, we highly recommend that you purchase insurance for your package and have a
tracking number before you ship it back to us.

Canceled Orders

If you place an order with us and decide to cancel it while it is in route to you, you will
be responsible for all shipping fee’s. Once a package has been shipped it is subject to
shipping fees both to and from your location. Canceled orders are also subject to a 15%
restocking fee. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us before sending
back your merchandise.

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